Thursday, June 17, 2010

TOA Student limelight

Thanks TOA for the interview and selected me in TOA Student Limelight this month. =)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

“Man made & Nature” Space Documentation- Cabot Circus & Royal Victoria Park

ⅰ. Man made
Below was a visual documentation at Bristol’s biggest shopping mall- Cabot Circus on the 23rd February 2010 from 12.30pm- 4.00pm. This piece shows a lot of interesting happenings there. When we are aware more of the things around us, the ordinary can truly be special.

I have two versions of the Cabot Circus project, one is printed version and the other is an interactive media version. The printed version is about 1000 mm long.

(click on the image to view the details)

Coloured Background

Live Sketch with Artline Pen

Final Outcome ^.^
I'm very happy and satisfied with the printing quality,
especially the colour.

ⅱ. Nature
Below was a visual documentation at the Royal Victoria Park, Bath on the 1st of April 2010 from 3.00pm- 5.00pm. Inhale a calm but deep breath, be at ease, relaxed and immerse yourself into such a beautiful backdrop. Take the time to perceive the charisma of nature that sips by us. 
Same with the Man made version above, the printed version is about 1000 mm long.

(click on the image to view the details)

Sketch with Chinese Calligraphy brush and ink

Final Outcome

This project is about space documentation on the manmade and nature space base on my Self-directed Study title-"moment". 

It is relevant to me because I believe every different space has different feelings or impacts towards anyone. If we take the time to pay more attention to certain things, we actually can notice something more interesting or something special or perhaps more eventful than we think. Through the documentation, I found my own feelings towards the space, the relation and communication it represents. Thus, the aim for this project is to create a link between the space and the audience. I want to let them more aware of what is happening around them. 

The man made space that I’ve picked is Cabot Circus while the nature space that I’ve pick is the Royal Victoria park in Bath. The reasons I’ve chosen Cabot Circus as one of my spaces because it is the busiest shopping mall in Bristol while I’ve chosen the Royal Victoria Park in Bath is because the scenery there is really beautiful, calm and peaceful.

I decided these two locations to be very contrasting so that I can compare the two and see the differences.

Changes (Sunrise vs. Sunset)

Have you ever thought of moment would change? How does a moment change? A moment from a same location that you see today, it may change tomorrow. The weather, environment or the people surrounding can change it.

Changes” is a daily observation project base on certain time/period. It relates to our daily routine, just like the things that we often repeat. The purpose of this project is to discover the daily sky changes in a frame, just like discovering the changes or details in our lives.

This project has two different versions, which are sunrise and sunset. This is to make the observation more effective by comparing the sunrise and sunset. Sunrise and sunset both represent the beginning and the end of the day. Both of them are different compare to the rest of the day with their beautiful colours. 

These two versions are huge format posters which printed on A0 size paper each. It is to show the big impact of the visual; meanwhile, it can convey the message to the audience easily.

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"Even though we often repeat the same everyday routines, we continue to change by the environment or people around us, growing physically mentally and unconsciously."

"Even though we often repeat the same everyday routines - and may feel bored or think them mundane - we must keep moving on to achieve our goals."

Final Outcome
A0 huge format Printing =)

The step-by-step pixilation of colours is to show the process and developments.

As the time of sunset and sunrise are usually different in UK, I had to pick suitable average time to take the photo. The time for sunset was taken at 5:48pm and 6:15am for sunrise in order to get an accurate result from this observation. 

The CMYK information for each day is to indicate the changes of each day and to prove none of them are the same.

Spending Season

We, humans are consumers; often spend a lot especially during certain special celebration days like Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Easter. Have you ever realized the spending chart on that particular day or time increase tremendously?

Spending Season”, is an information graphic poster, which shows how important a particular time can affect the big economy.

Printed in A2 size
(click on the image to view the details)

Shunned Beauty

What do you see from the wall?
Beautiful cast shadow? or a man's face?

Bristol Oilskin & Overall Co.Ltd Commission

Portrait (120cmx86cm)